My Human Hero

When asked who my hero is, my mind automatically goes to my mom. Obviously I love my mom but my admiration goes further than just the classic mother–daughter relationship. To start off, my mom is an amazing mother to me and my five siblings. Yes, there is six of us. Six kids meaning six different personalities that my mom has to deal with on a daily basis. Because there are so many of us kids, my mom decided to stay at home and make caring us her full-time job while my dad was out working aa the president of his own company. My mom isn’t a hero because she was a stay-at-mom, it was what came after that which made my admirations solidify. In 2009, my parents got a divorce and my mom was suddenly faced with the question of what she was going to do for a career. She had been a stay-at-home mom for 23 years so she hadn’t thought much about careers, resumes, cover letters for over two decades. My moms last real job was over 20 years ago, she didn’t even know where to start when looking for jobs. One thing she did know was that she had a passion for caring for others.

After decades of taking care of my siblings and I, she decided she wanted to continue with others who need help. After doing some research, she decided to become a licensed nursing assistant despite having no traditional experience in the field. Her passion for taking care of others who can’t take care of themselves is inspiring. You would think that after years of taking care of her own family she would like to take a break and focus on something else but she kept going. It has been over five years now that she has been working as an LNA and she shows no sign of stopping and in fact loves her job and the clients she takes care of. I strive to be as self-less as her. She was faced with an unexpected situation and she handled it with grace. If I end up being just a little like her, ,i’d feel lucky.

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