My Digital Identity

When asked “What is Digital Identity?” my mind immediately goes to social media and I feel as though others might do the same. At this point in time, many peoples lives are spent online whether it’s shopping or posting about your recent trip to Florida. Whether we like it or not, everyone has a digital identity. As of right now, my digital identity is fairly strong. I have various social medias including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and they are updated frequently. Aside from social media, I also use various ancestry sites as I am interested in my family history and creating my family tree. I would consider the social media aspect standard for other 20 year olds as well as middle-aged people.

Although this is what my digital footprint looks like now, it’s not necessarily what I would prefer it to look like years from now. In the future I would like my digital identity to be smaller. In my opinion, social media is primarily used to “brag” or put on a show for likes. Unfortunately, connecting with others and staying in touch is no longer the main point of social media like it used to be. I feel this is true with Facebook and Instagram the most. I don’t enjoy scrolling through my various feeds anymore because it feels fake. As far as I’m concerned, people who want to stay in touch will, even if i’m not online 24/7.

As for my digital footprint it is definitely large. I didn’t have access to a smartphone until I was 16 years old so I wasn’t really on social media but I definitely enjoyed my time on the computer playing different “arcade” games. When thinking about a digital foot print, I almost think of an ecological footprint as in what have you done in the past that contributes to what you are doing currently, Hopefully in the future, I will have less of a digital footprint/identity and more of an “in the moment” identity.

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