Cricket Ethogram

Individual Behaviors:
Jumping – Using legs to push itself off the ground
Resting – There is no motion in any part of the cricket, this could last for seconds or minutes
Feeding – Used mouth and other parts of body to consume small chunks of cat food
Climbing – The crickets would use their legs to climb the side of the Dixie cup
Moving Antennae – The crickets would move one or both of the antennae while resting
Walking – The crickets would use their legs to get from point A to point B
Drinking – The crickets would stick their upper body parts into the damp sand to drink
Cannibilism – One of the crickets was consuming a cricket that died

1. Are individual behaviors different if both males and females are placed together?
2. Do crickets prefer eating other crickets, even if there is another food source available?

1. Male and female cricket behaviors will differ when in a enclosure together, versus when they are separated by gender
2. Crickets will eat a more “normal” food source before eating other crickets

Predictions (for hypothesis #2):
1. If crickets are presented with both “normal” food and also dead crickets then the crickets will eat the “normal” food before eating the dead crickets
2. If a crickets only food source is other dead crickets, then the cricket will consume the dead crickets in order to stay alive

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  1. Keep working on refining your hypotheses and predictions. Try writing a more simple straightforward hypothesis, and then predictions that are based on this hypothesis that suggest some data that could be collected/compared.

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