Just the Beginning

As I come closer and closer to graduating the anxiety for post-graduation plans becomes greater. Ever since I graduated high school I have had a general plan for what I will do after graduation. This is mainly because my dad doesn’t want to pay for my education if I have absolutely no idea what I want to do. When trying to create a plan to present to my dad, I went to one of my favorite teachers for advice. She told me to think of what interests me. If i were to choose any class I enjoy and don’t mind going to what would it be? Right away I knew that it was biology, specifically human biology. I was and still am fascinated with the human body and how complex it is. I then thought about careers that would involve the human body. Luckily, I live in Southern New Hampshire so I have access to a few local technical schools. So with that in mind, I decided I wanted to get a BA in biology and once I graduate, attend NHTI for its Diagnostic Sonography program with the hopes of becoming an obstetric ultrasound technician,

As this plan slowly becomes a reality, my fear grows. I am afraid that I wont like the program or maybe that I won’t even be accepted. If either of those things were to occur, then my plan that i’ve had for the past 3 years would be derailed and I would feel lost. Although these fears linger, I am still very excited. I feel like my time here at Keene State has been broad in the classes that I am taking so I am eager to start taking classes that are more specialized to what I actually want to do. As of right now, I am very ready to move on from Keene State College to hopefully start the ultrasound program.

Career Pathway: What’s Next???

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